building on difficult & sloping sites made easy
Building on difficult & sloping sites made easy


  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 2.5 Bathrooms
  • 2 Living Areas
  • 2 Car Spaces
  • 22m Frontage

A modern single storey home set on a beautiful acreage property overlooking spectacular views of the Brisbane River and the mountains behind. The front door is set within a large courtyard which is a key element in the design, visible from the different sections of the house. The entry opens into a large living area which separates the house into the two private sections for the family, which also wrap around the central courtyard. High ceilings and expansive windows grace the space, which extends out into a deck that runs along the length of the house.
A key concept that remained constant throughout the design and construction process was sustainability. Various aspects of the house were composed with this in mind, resulting in a self-sustainable abode off-the-grid. The orientation of the home paired with the high raked ceilings and louvred windows allow for passive cooling and cross-ventilation through the house making use of the natural breezes flowing through the site. The skillion roofs are angled in such a way that they optimise the natural light entering the house during the winter months while the overhangs still protect the house from the harsh sun during the summer. The house has its own water and wastewater system and solar panels generate adequate electricity for the property. This beautiful home is located in Anstead, Brisbane.

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Stage 6 - Final Product

Stage 5 - Enclosed

Stage 4 - Framed

Stage 3 - Slab

Stage 2 - Site Cut

Stage 1 - Block