building on difficult & sloping sites made easy
Building on difficult & sloping sites made easy

Narrow & Sloping Blocks

Southeast Queensland is characterised by its treed, steep and hilly terrains. These qualities bring enormous appeal to its many established and leafy suburbs. As southeast Queensland’s urban areas are developed, and demand for new housing increases, the only affordable land is often steep, sloping, irregular, or small, narrow blocks (under 10 metres wide). Difficult sites often present other issues like planning overlays, active soils, fill and difficult access.

Types of Narrow & Sloping Blocks

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Subdividing & Narrow blocks – what you need to know

Subdivision is one of the fastest and most profitable real estate ventures on the market right now. In the past subdividing has been limited to only flat or gently sloping blocks. With our new, “Narrow & Sloping Block” design collection, we can build narrow lot homes across a range of upward and downward sloping subdivided blocks. Simply select the slope of your land above and a collection of home designs will be generated with a variety of facades and floor plans for you to choose from. Additionally, these designs can be further adjusted by our design team to better suit your personal needs and budget.

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There are many 700-800sqm flat and sloping blocks throughout South-East Queensland that are just waiting to be subdivided. If you own land or thinking of purchasing land you can take ease in the fact that regardless of the block’s difficulty, breezewayhouse can design and build a wonderful narrow lot home for you.

The beauty of sloping block homes is that the surrounding environment can be used to easily optimise views, privacy, cooling breezes and cross ventilation as well as passive solar orientation. Simply put, we can design your home to promote natural heating and cooling. Your home will feel more comfortable to live in, you’ll save money on your power bill and you’ll reduce your impact on the environment.

Subdividing is a complex and heavily regulated process, if you require more information on this process please visit the Brisbane City Council’s guide below.

Brisbane City Council's guide to subdividing land

Subdivision Guide

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